Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach

A family beach paradise in the South

Pigeon’s Point beach, located about a 5-minutes drive from English Harbour on the southeast coast of Antigua, is a favourite spot for the local community as well as visitors, Pigeon’s Point beach also is a fun place for snorkeling.

“Great beach about 5-10 minutes from Nelson’s Dockyard. Easy parking. The water was both warm and incredibly calm. I would recommend this beach for people who prefer calm shallow water (great for kids or novice swimmers). Nice calm vibe and ambiance with a mix of visitors and locals. Two places to eat along the beach as well if you get a little hungry.”

The beach is within walking distance of several restaurants include Catherine’s Café, South Point Restaurant and Club Sushi, as well as Pigeon Point Villas, Antigua Yacht Club and South Point Antigua hotel.

English Harbour
St. Paul’s

Category: Beaches

Distance from airport:
21.0 Km

Distance from St Johns:
20.6 Km

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