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Getting To Barbuda

The ultimate pristine destination with ideal seclusion

Antigua’s charming sister-island Barbuda is perfect for those seeking a tranquil getaway, laid-back luxury, beautiful beaches, a connection with nature, and the warmth and hospitality of Barbudans. The low-lying coral island, known for its untouched pink coral and white sand beaches and the largest Frigate Bird Sanctuary in the Western Hemisphere, is located 27 miles north-east of Antigua. If you are planning a visit to Barbuda from Antigua here are a few options on getting here.


SVG Air operates scheduled and chartered flights throughout the Caribbean. SVG Air offers a personalized service second to none. Their fleet of light twins and business jets are flown by professional and experienced pilots. SVG Air offers one way and round-trip flights ranging from EC$175.00 one way.

Fly Montserrat operates chartered flights between Antigua and Barbuda. The aircraft offers nine seats and twin engines which are designed driven by the requirements for ease of operation. Fly Montserrat offers two daily flights from Antigua to Barbuda along with Private charters to the island.



The most popular way to get to Barbuda is a high-speed ferry. It takes about 90 minutes to get from Antigua to Barbuda on a pleasant day. There are currently two ferry services available The Barbuda Express and The Island Escape.

The Barbuda Express is a powerful catamaran that offers same day one way and round-trip services. A round trip cost (90 USD) $240 EC. The Barbuda Express runs 6 days a week between Antigua and Barbuda. Tourists can economically visit Barbuda with a selection of packages to explore and discover this undeveloped and little-visited island. The Barbuda Express ferry can be boarded at the ferry dock in St. John’s Harbour. The ferry dock is located at the bottom of High Street in St. John’s city Antigua.

The Barbuda Express also operates the Typhoon Express that can accommodate passengers in addition to cargo. Barbuda Express Ferry Service & Day Tours

The Island Escape is a luxury highspeed catamaran passenger ferry. The ferry departs from the ferry dock in downtown St John’s near Heritage Quay three days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 AM and arrives in Barbuda at 8:15 AM. The ferry returns from Barbuda at 3:45 PM and arrives back in St John’s at 5:15 PM. Check-in times are no later than 30 minutes before sailing. A round trip cost (70 USD) $200EC.


Boat Charters and Excursions

A range of boat companies in Antigua are also available to operate private charters and excursions from Antigua to Barbuda.


CalvinAir Helicopters offers charter flights to Barbuda. These flights last for 15 minutes.


On-Island Transportation

The majority of Barbuda’s over 1,500 inhabitants live in the town of Codrington. Visitors to Barbuda will find the best way to get around the island are by taxi or rental.

Taxis are a very good way to find out about the island because you get a friendly local guide as well as the transport, and they operate with standard fares that are set by Barbuda Council. Taxis are available through hotels or contacting taxi/tour services. They are a few cars available for rental on the island for those wishing to discover more of the island.

Dilly’s 1-268-788-5378
Imran 1-268-726-0946
B Uber Service 1-268-785-9389
Devon 1-268-788-8419
K. Bailey 1-268-785-1104
‘No Problem’ 1-268-717-4491
Cloidel Beazer 1-268-721-2873
Levi John 1-268-788-5378
Lynton Thomas 1-268-775-7336
Pressed for Time 1-268-720-4084
Len Beazer 1-268-783-4358
Jacquan 1-268-722-0883