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Trip Planner

What do you want to do today?

There is so much happening in Antigua and Barbuda, you can do it all, or do as little as you want. Whatever you do, make the most of your time by utilizing our easy-to-use trip planning tool to schedule all your activities; whether it’s that amazing sunset at Shirley Heights on a Sunday evening, happy hour on Friday, that exciting eco-adventure boat tour, the amazing table for your special restaurant lunch, bird-watching in Barbuda, or some relaxing downtime on the beach with friends and family.

How It Works

1. Decide the length of your trip
– Select the number of days for your Trip Plan using the slider. The days will be laid out below the slider.

2. Create your Trip Plan
– Using the pulldown menu, select the category of destination you wish to add to your Plan.
– Drag destinations to the Day of your choice. Each day can have as many destinations as you like.
– Sort destinations within a Day by dragging them up or down.
– Remove a destination by clicking its circled “X”.

3. Download or share your Trip Plan
– Click the “Download Plan” button to download a PDF of your Trip Plan, which you can then print or just save for later.
– Click the “Share Plan” button if you want to share your plan with others. A link will be copied to your clipboard, which you can then share with others (paste) via email, your favourite social media platform, or in our Social Hub. Anyone you share with can then click that link and view/edit their own copy of your Trip Plan.

Things to note
– The Trip Planner requires that you have cookies turned on in your browser. If cookies are turned off, it will not function properly.
– Your Trip Plan is saved in your cookies in real-time, so you can leave the Trip Planner page at any time and not lose your plan. When you come back, your Trip Plan will be there, just how you left it.
– You can clear your Trip Plan and start over at any time by clicking the “Reset Plan” button.

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