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Wellness Month

Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month

The twin-island paradise of Antigua and Barbuda is captivating visitors seeking a healthy lifestyle and the perfect balance in 2024 starting with Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month in January and continuing with a series of retreats and exciting experiences for visitors to participate in during the year.


Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month offers those seeking to enhance their quality of life a selection of carefully curated activities in resorts and in local communities, ranging from wellness retreats, spa experiences, hiking trail exploration, off-shore island excursions with yoga on secluded beaches, culturally immersive experiences and healthy eating options.


For those who love a challenge, the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has announced two exciting challenges open to competitors of all ages for the month: the adventurous ‘Four corners of Antigua and Barbuda Hiking Challenge’ and the invigorating ‘7 Minute Ice Bath Challenge’.

The ‘Four Corners of Antigua and Barbuda’ Hiking Challenge, with Wadadli Trailblazers offers outdoor exploration within Antigua and Barbuda’s national parks and lush, rolling hills. Four hikes with varying degrees of difficulty will take place over the month with hikers trekking to the historic Fort Barrington, picturesque Halfmoon Bay, and Signal Hill in addition to Barbuda’s unique Darby Cave.


Take part in the challenge guided by Wadadli Trailblazers. All Hikes move off at 6 a.m.

Jan 6 – Pensioner’s Beach Corner to Fort Barrington, Antigua

Jan 14 – Wallings to Signal Hill, Antigua

Jan 20 – Manning’s Tower to Bluff House, Antigua

Jan 27 – Darby Cave, Barbuda

Meanwhile, the ‘7 Minute Ice Bath Challenge’* organised by organic wellness haven, Wellness Footprints Antigua operated by Antigua and Barbuda 2023 Wellness Champion and Wellness Ambassador Tricia Greenaway will highlight the benefits of an ice bath.

Participants taking the plunge will aim to sit in a bath filled with ice for seven minutes.

A therapeutic experience, ice baths are known to have many benefits including helping with focus and meditation, relaxation and better sleep, muscle recovery and improving mental health.


For visitors and residents interested in starting the new year with a focus on their well-being, here are some of the Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month offers:


Tamarind Hills Wellness Day Retreat: A Journey to Rejuvenation

Tamarind Hills Resort and Villas, Antigua is thrilled to announce the Tamarind Hills Wellness Day Retreat, a perfect start to the new year for those seeking relaxation, self-care, and rejuvenation. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Tamarind Hills’ spectacular ocean views, this retreat offers a day-long escape dedicated to your well-being.

Retreat Highlights:
– Yoga and Pilates Sessions: Begin your journey with a harmonious blend of Yoga and Pilates, led by expert instructors. Start the morning immersing yourself in a serene Yoga session with Ros, designed to align your body, mind, and spirit. Follow it up with an invigorating Pilates class with Abby, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and overall balance.

– Nutritious Culinary Experience: Indulge in a culinary delight with a healthy lunch and snack prepared by the renowned Chef Antoine. His creations are not only a feast for the taste buds but also nourishing for the body.

– Special Mocktail by Mixologist Champion Gavisha: Elevate your experience with an exquisite mocktail crafted by the celebrated Mixologist Champion Gavisha. This unique creation promises to be a refreshing complement to your wellness journey.

Retreat Schedule:
– 8:30 am: Arrival at the serene Tamarind Hills.
– 9:00 am: Yoga session with Ros, embracing tranquility.
– 10:15 am: A break for tea, coffee, juice, and a healthy snack.
– 10:45 am: Pilates session with Abby, enhancing physical harmony.
– 12:00 pm: A delightful lunch at the Wild Tamarind Restaurant.


A boat excursion that offers the perfect escape, combining the therapeutic rhythm of ocean waves with breathtaking coastal views. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of yoga on secluded beaches, savouring moments of bliss during snorkelling and our meditation at sunset adventures. Special Offer: 10% off any final tour price if used by the end of Jan 2024.



You need not be an athlete to participate, but you need to be interested in experiencing Antigua’s incredible scenery in an active manner! Special Offer: 10% off all direct bookings using the promo code Wellness24 to be applied only to bookings made via email for the month of January for the scenic Middle Ground Trail.


Facebook: trektoursantigua

Instagram: trektours

Twitter: trektours

Trip Advisor: Trek Tours

Telephone: 1-268-774-8735

Email Address:



An experience that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.  Enjoy a vegetarian pepperpot and Treehouse cocktail for EC$35. Stay for yoga at 5:30 p.m. with Wadadlivity.


Treat yourself at this authentic Caribbean Getaway for Wellness Month with a special rejuvenation package which includes Island Wellness Culinary Delights, Wadadli Breeze Smoothie, Paradise Body Scrub, and Island Fusion Massage and more.

























The Great House Antigua, a historic boutique hotel is the perfect location to explore and relax.

Special Offer: 

– 3 yoga classes per week
– 5% off all spa treatments
– Garden-to-table catering (all meals are included)
– Reiki treatments available
– Local guided fitness hikes
– Local guided flora and fauna hikes
– Daily fruit smoothies



Telephone: 463-4084


Instagram: @thegreathouseantigua


Happy Heights is a locally run business guided by our local, knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides. They will take you through and around Antigua’s different hiking trails. Hikes at the historic Nelson’s Dockyard/English Harbour to Mermaid pools in and around the Naval Dockyard for you to feel and see the history of the island first-hand. Hikes to high peaks afford panoramic views of the island starting in Antigua’s rainforest and much more the island has to offer.

Special Offer: Hikes are now priced at USD$45 per person and come with light refreshments and snacks. Private tours are priced differently


Instagram: @happy_heights Instagram

Telephone: – 1-268-720-6512



Rastafari Experience Antigua is a locally founded organization that promotes sustainable eco-tourism, historic preservation, and recreational festivities for the Green Castle Hill National Park. As an eco-tourism company, they offer visitors and nationals an opportunity to study and explore Green Castle Hill (‘The Stonehenge of the Caribbean’) as a pre-historic and archeoastronomy gem located on the Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda. Rastafari Experience also offers training in plant-based nutrition and meal prep classes. Their mission is to inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating plant-based foods.



Humble and Free Wadadli is your gateway to immersive experiences in Antigua and Barbuda, serving as the premier company that authentically connects tourists and locals to the vibrant Rastafari community. Uncover the rich cultural tapestry of Antigua through the unique lens of Rastafari with our guided tours and eco-experiences.

Special Offer: Humble and Free Wadadli will gift you this Wellness Month, 20% off all our deluxe experiences during January when you use the code Wellness20 at checkout on

Deluxe Ras Freeman Tour

Embark on a transformative journey with the Deluxe Ras Freeman Tour—a deep dive into the heart of a former sugarcane plantation reborn as Antigua’s vibrant hub for Rastafari. Explore relics of the past, the main attractions, the glorious Nyabinghi Tabernacle (the main attraction), and witness the Rastafari community in action as they cultivate cannabis and crops, and global change. Uncover the rich tapestry of Rastafari history and Antiguan culture, culminating in a soulful Ital farm-to-table experience. Join us for an experience of discovery, connection, and the celebration of life.

Deluxe Farm Tour

The Humble and Free Wadadli Farm tour offers a captivating blend of sustainable farming education and immersion into Rastafari culture, creating a unique and enriching experience for visitors. The guided deluxe farm tour provides insights into organic farming, permaculture, and diverse crop cultivation, fostering an appreciation for environmentally conscious practices and ending with a farm-to-table Ital meal.

Jabba Pot Experience

Experience the essence of Ital cuisine with Humble and Free Wadadli’s Jabba Pot on the serene Humble and Free Farm in Liberta, St. Paul, Antigua. Led by a Rastafari chef, this hands-on cooking demonstration celebrates plant-based goodness and cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the art of crafting nourishing dishes using locally sourced ingredients, connecting with the land’s essence. Join us for a soulful journey through Antigua’s flavours, where every bite echoes the principles of humility, freedom, and the bountiful gifts of nature.

Booking Link:


Phone: 268.723.1333





IMAGISTIC COUNSELLING – Chillaxing – Fun Mini Zumba and Stress Management Retreat

 Imagistic Counselling is a registered professional counselling business in Antigua and Barbuda. This counselling business was founded in July 2011 by Mrs Aurica Williams Edwards – she is a certified counsellor and educator. We provide creative and confidential counselling services to our clients.

Chillaxing – Fun Mini Zumba and Stress Management Retreat

Chillaxing is a three-hour mini-retreat. This retreat is a great way to quickly relieve stress and recharge. Also, it is a great way to experience a unique and relaxing activity in beautiful Antigua and Barbuda.

The cost of one mini-retreat session is $150.00 EC per person. The fee for the retreat will cover a Zumba session with Karin Challenger (certified Zumba instructor), a stress management workshop, snacks and materials for activities.

Dynamic Motivational Speakers; Self Awareness; Self Care, Dancing, and Snack

The session is in English only.

Fees: Purchase tickets before the event.

To register for the event please fill out the form below:

Telephone: 12687202814





If you are looking for a program that combines personal growth with the expertise of a wellness leader and self-development coach look no further than “Space and Wellness: Achieving Dreams and Going Beyond Self-Limitations” led by our incredible wellness leader and self-development coach, Keisha Schahaff, who also happens to be an astronaut from Antigua and Barbuda.

Keisha brings a unique perspective to our program, combining her knowledge and experience in wellness and self-development with her incredible journey as an astronaut. Her expertise and guidance will help you tap into your full potential, push past self-limitations, and achieve your dreams.

Through a combination of teachings, exercises, and personalized coaching, Keisha will guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. She will help you create space in your life, both mentally and physically, and nurture your well-being. With Keisha’s support, you’ll learn to overcome self-imposed limitations and unlock your true potential.

Join us on this extraordinary journey led by Keisha Schahaff and discover the power of space, wellness, and personal growth. Remember, we begin with a total reset and cleansing of the system. When the energy in the body is moving, so is everything in your life.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information, and don’t hesitate to message us for a discovery call. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together and achieve your dreams!




Find out more about Antigua and Barbuda’s wellness experiences on offer through the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s Wellness Guide on