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The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA) comprises several offices located in key source markets. The ABTA Head Office is located in St. John’s, Antigua while there are offices in New York, Canada and London.

The ABTA plays an essential role in the marketing of the twin-island paradise of Antigua and Barbuda. The ABTA is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the destination, as well as the advancement and development of additional air and sea lift to drive the tourism industry of Antigua and Barbuda.

One of the main objectives of the ABTA is to identify and work to meet the needs of all of its industry stakeholders. The ABAT’s mission is the consistent delivery of a superior marketing effort to improve visitor arrivals that are defined against a backdrop of a first-class visitor experience.

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    Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority – Head Office
    1st Floor |Sir John E. St. Luce Finance and Conference Centre
    St John’s, Antigua
    Tel. 1-268-562-7600
    Fax 1-268-562-7602

    Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office
    3 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza – Suite 6A
    305 E. 47th Street
    New York, NY. 10017
    Tel: 1-212-541-4117
    Fax: 1-646-215-6008

    60 St. Claire Avenue East, Suite 601
    Toronto, Ontario – Canada M4T 1N5
    Tel. 1-416-961-3085
    Fax 1-416-961-7218

    2nd Floor
    45 Crawford Place
    London W1H 4LP
    Tel. (0) 44-203-668-3800