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Yepton Estate Cottages

A special place for special people, where you’ll find genuine hospitality

The geniality you typically only find when visiting close family or real good friends. The generosity of hosts who want to make you feel like you are the most important person in the world. The sincere effort of trying to understand what makes you happy, and offering as much or as little involvement as you desire in the process.

Yepton Estate Cottage owners Gabriela and Douglas Luery genuinely enjoy welcoming guests, and it shows. You are received with open arms, and from the moment you arrive, you simply feel at home and settle right in.

After that it’s just a matter of chilling out on the breezy veranda and day dreaming, lighting the barbecue on your patio or going on a little excursion, armed with tips and suggestions from Gabriela and Douglas. The atmosphere and spirit of Yepton’s can easily be summed up:

Kick back, breath in the freedom and seize the day… and enjoy the well-deserved treat of a real vacation.

Because – when life has become so busy and hectic, you just owe it to yourself to once in a while make yourself the center of your attention.

Yepton Estate Cottages
P.O. Box 1448
St. John’s

Phone: 1-268-727-3239


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