Villa Touloulou Red Passion bed

Villa Touloulou

Gently caressed by a refreshing Caribbean breeze

Villa Touloulou located in the hillside of English Harbour and overlooks the marina bay, beach and sea.  Relax and stroll by a tranquil Caribbean inspired gardens, surrounded by palm trees, bougainvilleas, hibiscus, frangipani, birds of paradise, silver trees and many more all gently caressed by a refreshing breeze from the Caribbean or sit back on the deck as you take in breathtaking views and calm surroundings.

The villa is built on 4 levels, with stunning designs, ocean view, exquisite living room, bathrooms and kitchen. At first glance you might not even aware that this is more than just beautiful home as its design exemplifies the beautiful Caribbean house. Its designs conceal the look of an apartment building, with individual private terrace, once inside you will find that unlike a hotel, each room has its own theme and décor.

If you’ve ever needed one compelling reason to visit the Paradise Island of Antigua
known as, “Land of 365 Beaches” then here’s one: Villa Touloulou!

Villa Touloulou
English Harbour

Phone: 1-268-561-6395


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