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Scooter Snorkel

A snorkeling tour with a difference

Glide through the warm waters at Galleon beach while being surrounded by an array of tropical marine animals. Turtles, rays, crabs, and a wide assortment of tropical fish are among the company we regularly encounter on our powered adventure.

What is Scooter Snorkeling

A snorkeling tour with a difference. Also Known as Power Snorkeling, each participant is equipped with an easy to use battery powered sea scooter. Simply push a button and Steer your Scooters through the water as you marvel at the aquatic wonderland below. No training required!

Is This Suitable for Me

If you are worried this excursion might be a bit too adventurous for you, worry no more! Our excursion is designed to provide a comfortable experience for kids as young as 8 years old, adults up to 70 years old. Must be able to swim to participate.

Scooter Snorkel
Galleon Beach
English Harbour
St Paul’s

Phone: 1-268-771-1911
USA: 1-904-601-4803

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