Nyam It Up fresh local shell fish

Nyam It Up

A tasty exploration of every aspect of the local cuisine

Taste the flavor of Antigua! We operate from a rustic stall at Dark Wood Beach where persons can enjoy an array of delights such as seasonal fruits, candies desserts, food, drinks, teas and homemade wine.

The friendly hostess will encourage guests to Nyam (eat) their way through the history, culture and ultimately the delicious flavour of the country at the sample stall. A guest will be able to sample any of the delights that are on the buffet for 1:00 or all for only $5:00 US. Well packaged edible souvenirs will also be on sale.

Nyam It Up will be true testimony that the beach is just the beginning!

Proprietor: Tonya Warner Samuel

Nyam It Up
Darkwood Beach

Phone: 1-268-720-5669

Facebook: nyamitup
Email: nyamituptours@gmail.com

Category: food & drink

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