Lion Pavilion delicious food

Lion Pavilion

Vegetarian food CAN be affordable, SHOULD be filling, and IS delicious

We prepare your meal using herbs, fruits and vegetables which come fresh from our garden daily. For example, we use our own locally grown tomatoes to make our own pizza sauce!

Our menu changes almost daily so you never get bored, and it includes hits such as our famous veggie lasagna, herbal pasta, veggie pizzas, veggie roti, black bean burgers, lentil pie, cassava balls, stir fried zucchini, curry chick peas, stir fried veggies, stewed red beans, and a host of other vegan selections. Desserts such as sweet potato pudding, chocolate cake, vegetarian muffins and soy ice cream are always on offer as are the large quantity of juices made only with seasonal local fruit.

The Lion Pavilion is conveniently located at the East Bus Station near Independence Drive. It is less than ten minutes from Heritage and Redcliffe Quays, two minutes from the new APUA building and mid-way between Obsti’s Bar and the New Public Library.

Lion Pavillion
East Bus Station
St Johns

Phone: 1-268-728-3236

Facebook: Lion-Pavilion-Restaurant

Category: food & drink

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