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Incanto Restaurant Lounge Bar

Genuine taste, original Italian dishes

Welcome to Incanto Restaurant & Lounge bar, a place where you can relax in a beautiful atmosphere enjoying one of the best heavens in the world, Antigua. We want to let you live the dream with us in this beautiful tropical paradise. Here at Incanto we always use fresh and selected produce from the island’s farmers.

Our dishes are prepared by our Italian chefs, thanks to their international experience they will be able to delite your palate with original plates mixed with exotic products served by our professional staff in this magic atmosphere. The fire is on, the music is playing, the people are coming and a sea breeze will dance with us under a beautiful sky full of stars so what are you waiting for? Join us at Incanto. Our Restaurant is located by the dock where Salty Dogs, Catherine’s Cafe Antigua and Paparazzi Restaurant used to reside, new location.

Incanto Restaurant Lounge Bar
Antigua Slipway
English Harbour

Phone: 1-268-562-9130


Category: food & drink

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