Garden Grill brunch spread

Garden Grill

A “must do” for tourists and locals

“The Garden Grill is located just outside the old Tides restaurant or the New La Boussola in Duchman’s Bay Antigua. It’s near the airport so if your in lay over hop a cab and get out of the airport for some really, really good food.”

“I had the herb salad and added grilled chicken. Usually you have a salad go that’s nice, okay well this was really nice. The dressing had a flavor I can’t really describe other than to say yum. It put a flavor in mouth that was just Ahhhhh…. Usually a salad is boring, this was not. The dressing was light and inviting the herbs were all fresh. Okay maybe I’m getting carried away but I’ve reviewed lots of places and this was a salad that’s as fresh in my mind as it was on the plate.

It gets a bit crowded at lunch time so call and make a reservation. The sea breeze keeps it reasonably cool. The staff is nice and friendly and the service was good and much faster than the typical island slow. They might need to add some tables if all the food is this good. I know I’m going back to try other menu items. I would say the prices are just right for this venue. Hey if you want to hang around an airport for hours that’s your business but me I would go the Garden Grill, you might not want to go back to the airport.”

Garden Grill
Dutchman’s Bay

Phone: 1-268-464-0207

Facebook: gardengrillanu

Category: food & drink

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