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Donut Ace

Donut worry, be happy!

Donut Ace is a locally founded upstart began in 2015 by chef Akeem C. Edwards, their vision is to become a mainstream food outlet where anyone can order freshly made doughnuts. Whether for their personal delight, that special person or for an event or party.

“I honestly can’t go to Donut Ace more than once every three months. On my last visit with my coworker, I had the OG Chocolate while she had another flavor. It was heaven in a bag. The chocolate flavor was very present and the taste was very rich. We bought two donuts to take back for our coworkers and they too loved them. I’ll be back in the new year for sure.”

“We went on a cruise a year earlier to Antigua and this time came back for 5 days. On our cruise we had a donut and new we needed to bring our son one day….so we did! Best donut ever he said so make sure you stop in !!!”

Donut Ace
Redcliffe Quay
St Johns

Phone: 1-268-780-3224

Facebook: donutace268

Category: food & drink

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