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Antigua Reef Riders

More zip than a zipline and cooler than a cat

Situated in the picturesque Jolly Harbour Marina, just a short 20 minute taxi ride from St Johns Port, WCT Antigua Reef Riders presents you with a unique opportunity for you to captain your own 10 foot 2-seater inflatable Reef Rider. HOLD ON TIGHT as you and your friend explore the beautiful west coast of Antigua out to the stunning Cades Reef. Top of the “things to do in Antigua” list.

Put on your snorkel, mask and fins (provided) and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Our boats are small enough to moor inside the reef lagoon to get you closer to the amazing marine life including stingrays, lobster, parrot-fish, surgeon-fish and wrasse, as well as the beautiful coral reef.

Antigua Reef Riders
Golf Course Way
Jolly Harbour

Phone: 1-268-728-5239

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