5am Hike the whole gang

5am Hike Club

A group of nature lovers that come together every Saturday at 5am to explore Antigua

The 5am Hiking Club was formed sometime in October 2009, a specific date which no one remembers, because they were so overjoyed every Saturday morning at 5 o’clock. The name was derived by two friends Oral Evanson and Connie Richmond and 8 other friends who work at APUA decided to journey to Falmouth for the start of the hike which ended up at the famous Rendezvous Bay.

Our group aids club members and other charitable organizations in the community. The Boys Training School is our project that we have adopted to work with for the past few years, as can be seen in some of our photographs on our Facebook page.

All are welcome to hike with us and best of all it’s free! So, when members of the public hear and see a sea of bright orange t-shirts engulfing their neighborhood at 5 am in the morning, they need not be alarmed, it’s just the nature loving hikers of the 5am Hike Club.

5am Hike Club
St. Johns

Phone: 1-268-788-0757

Facebook: 5AMHike
Email: 5amhike@gmail.com

Category: tours & activities

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