historical Antiguan bridge

Trip Planner Test

What do you want to do today?

There is so much happening in Antigua and Barbuda, you can do it all, or do as little as you want. Whatever you do, make the most of your time by utilizing our easy-to-use trip planning tool to schedule all your activities, whether it’s that amazing sunset at Shirley Heights on a Sunday evening, happy hour on Friday, that exciting eco-adventure boat tour, the amazing table for your special restaurant lunch, bird-watching in Barbuda, or some relaxing downtime on the beach with friends and family.


For now…
1. Select a destination category from the pulldown menu.
2. Drag destinations onto the day of your choice.
3. Reorder destinations within days.
4. You can click away from the page, then come back and your plan will still be there.

Functions to come…
1. Decide how many days in your trip plan
2. Save/download your trip plan as a PDF
3. Share your trip plan in social media or in the Social Hub
4. Reset button for clearing your trip plan

How many days is your trip? (1 – 14):
Day 1