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With 365 beaches one for every day of the year, there are definitely lots of water-based activities for water-lovers to engage in while in Antigua, whether it’s swimming with stingrays for the adventurous, a romantic sunset catamaran, a jet-ski adventure or a day spent exploring Barbuda or an off-shore island.

For the land-lubbers, historic walking tours through St. John’s City and the UNESCO World Heritage Site in English Harbour and off-road island safaris are a fascinating experience. A horse-back ride, or a zip through the rainforest are just some of the other ways to discover the destination.

Foodies can also explore Antigua and Barbuda food and drink with a cooking class, or a rum tour. Whatever you do you are sure to have an amazing adventure.


Triflexcursion offers biking, hiking and kayaking tours. The tours are customized to suit the activity that best reflects your interests. In short, you can choose to bike, hike or kayak individually, or do a combination of the 3 activities.

Tropical Adventures Antigua

We provide a wide variety of entertaining and interesting tours offering you the opportunity to discover the unique essence of Antigua and Barbuda by land, sea and air!

Undersea Odyssey

Surrounded almost completely by Coral Reefs, the waters of Antigua are every snorkelers dream. The distinct lack of dangerous currents makes is easy for anyone to join in on the fun!

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Wadadli Cats

Imagine sailing off to a deserted tropical island, feeling the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair as you sail through the Caribbean Sea towards paradise. Snorkeling in crystal clear waters then enjoying an alfresco lunch with your new found friends. Who said dreams never come true?

Wadartli Arts & Crafts Classes

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