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Tired of doing the same old activities on every island you visit? Well, this is the tour for you! Triflexcursion opened for business in December 2018 and has already climbed to the top of the ‘things to do list’ in Antigua.

Combining biking, kayaking and hiking, this tour will keep you engaged with a smile.

Local entrepreneurs and fitness lovers Mark and Giles are ready to guide you by bike through the back streets of St. John’s, explore a mangrove lagoon by kayak, hike through a choice of two of the forts located near the city, and enjoy its accompanying beach.

See how the people of Antigua live, and learn about our history.

Come. Experience the great Caribbean outdoors with Triflex. Three-hour guided tours with small groups of up to 10. Suitable for ages 10-80.

Redcliffe Quay
St. John’s

Phone: 1-268-562-3539
Cell: 1-268-729-3539


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