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Paige Pond Country Inn

A countryfied stay awaits you

Nestled in one of Antigua’s most eco-friendly locations is the Paige Pond Country Inn, overlooking the beautiful rain forest area of Body Ponds, where daytime slowly turns into night as the sun lazily dips behind the lush hillside of the countryside.

With 18 aesthetically pleasing, self containing suites, our location takes our guests into the heartland of Antigua where tranquillity and peace reigns and where one can truly taste the rich heritage and culture of its people. Just fifteen minutes drive from St. John’s city, public transportation is readily available as we are located on one of the main bus routes on island.

A ten minutes drive will take you to the shores of Antigua, and unto some of the most beautiful beaches to behold. Our home grown staff is friendly and courteous with that warm village charm.

Come and enjoy the fresh air, chirping birds, lush greenery and sample our lemon grass tea.

Paige Pond Country Inn
Buckleys Village

Phone: 1-268-772-4805


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