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Oceanic View Vacation Cottages

Share memories, create history

Oceanic View Exclusive Vacation Cottages consist of 10 Gingerbread Cottages where all guest are treated like family and can always expect a unique atmosphere of serenity, tranquility, peacefulness and beauty. Our number one goal is to give you an experience that goes well beyond your imagination while here in Antigua & Barbuda.

Property Features

  • Swimming Pool with Tanning Lounges
  • Commissary / Gift Shop
  • Tiki Bar & Restaurant
  • Special Animals such as Rabbits, Turtles, and Exotic Birds

Our staff is fully trained and very attentive – they know when your glass needs a refill or you look like you could use a homemade afternoon treat from the kitchen. They also know when you just need time to relax and just be – it’s the perfect combination.

Think of us not just as a vacationing spot to share memories but also a place where you can create history! When you are planning your intimate Caribbean wedding, we will work with you to make sure this memorable occasion is one that you and your guests will have a difficult time forgetting.

Our Invitation is always offered to you to come spend time with us in the Caribbean Island of Antigua, where Land and Sea makes Beauty but the Beach is just the Beginning.

Oceanic View Exclusive Vacation Cottages
6500 Freemans Village 
Main Road

Phone: 1-268-562-6905
Int’l Phone: 1-212-537-6378

Website: oceanicviewantigua.com
Email: oceaniccottages@hotmail.com

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