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BestoEPV E-Bike Tours

Come and join the fun with Bestoepv!

BestoEPV is a newly established company offering e-bike share rentals and e-bike tours.

All our tours are educational and fun. Our guests get to learn the people and culture of the Antigua and Barbuda people. They have the opportunity to be immersed in the natural flora and fauna of the island. As you will see from some of our pictures the views and scenery are breathtaking.

We currently offer 3 e-bike tours which are outlined in the below summary sheet.

Tour summary sheet – Visit Antigua & Barbuda

BestoEPV E-Bike Tours
St. John’s

Phone: 1-268-773-EPV1
Phone: 1-268-773-EPV2

Facebook: Bestoepvanu
Instagram: bestoepv

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