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Sun, Sea and Sand

Here, clear turquoise water gently laps against 365 sugary white sand beaches creating the most seductively breathtaking seashore in the world.

From sunbathing and swimming, to sailing, scuba and snorkeling, these beaches are enjoyed year round by the adventure seeker, water nymph and bookworm alike… while romance seekers come to enjoy the many breathtaking sunsets made even more spectacular by the legendary green flash that accompanies that last dip of the sun. With more than 53 percent of leisure travelers interested in a beach experience, one might think the beaches of Antigua and Barbuda could get crowded. Not so. The sister islands’ miles-upon-miles of pristine coastline provide the idealized Caribbean backdrop for people from across the globe of varying tastes and interests.

If you’re craving sun, sea and most importantly, space, we think we know the perfect spot. In fact, we know hundreds.

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