Fetes – Calendar of Events

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Carnival Show Line-up

T-shirt Mas Catalogue

Explosion T-Shirt Mas

Contact Number: 268-721-4286 or 736-5805

Las Leyendas

Contact Number: 268-780-0718 or 268-717-3009

GMT Movements

Contact Number: 268-781-3075

Myst Carnival

Contact Number: 268-464-4MAS or 268-464-4FUN

Barefoot Promotions Ltd

Contact Number: 268- 726-6514


Contact Number: 268-764-8090 or 268-729-2222

Xklusive Carnival

Contact Number: 268-726-0027

Queen’s Court Masqueraders

Contact Number: 268-560-4885 or 268-788-4284

Sugar Rush T-Shirts Mas Candy Crush Edition

Contact Number: 268-722-5737

Mas Troupe Catalogue

Myst Carnival

Contact Number: 268-464-4MAS or 268-464-4FUN
Website: mystcarnival.com


Contact Number: 268-785-2225 or 268-726-0936

Jah T-Shirt Mas

Contact Number: 268-723-5462 or 268-729-8833

Virtuous Beauty Mas

Contact Number: 268-722-5322

Insane Carnival

Contact Number: 268-725-5534 or 268-562-6689
Website: insanecarnival.com
Instagram: insane carnival
Facebook: Insane Carnival

Xclamation Mas Troupe

Contact Number: 268-721-0368

Sechuns – The Band

Make-up Services

Beauty & The Beat Artistry

MUA: Delicia Bonny
Email: bbeatartistry@gmail.com
Contact: 268-781-1177
Instagram: @_bbeatartistry

CARNIVAL SPECIAL: 10% off Carnival Special, if you book between 4th July to 20th of July 2023. All looks include lashes. A 50% Deposit is required to secure bookings. Rhinestones – additional $10

Radiant Beats 

MUA: Tatyana Baron
Email: Tatyana.collab@gmail.com
Number: 268-719-3592
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Keri’s Makeup Artistry

MUA: Kerisa Dinard
Email: kerisa.williams@gmail.com
Contact: 268-727-3310
Instagram: @keridbeauty

CARNIVAL SPECIAL: Face Beat (Full Face – Eyeshadow, Foundation, Concealer, Gems, Lips & Eyelashes) Cost: XCD$100

Accentuate the Beauty Bar

MUA: Justine Charles
Email: accentuatebeauty17@gmail.com
Contact: 268-772-2900
Instagram: @makeupaccents
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CARNIVAL SPECIAL: A full get ready for the road experience in addition to makeup services, we are offering hair services, pre-road massages, photoshoot, costume/dressing assistance and alterations.

Aarati Jagdeo

MUA: Aarati Jagdeo
Email: amjagdeo@gmail.com
Cell: (268) 723 6593
Instagram: @aaratijagdeo


MUA: Erika Pearson
Email: erikap12341@gmail.com
Contact Number/Whatsapp: 268-723-3002
Instagram: @ezebeauty_makeup

Twinkle Beauties

MUA : Makeda Joseph
Email: makedajoseph98@gmail.com
Phone number: 268-780-1563
Instagram: @lafemmetwinkle_beauties

CARNIVAL SPECIAL: Lashes and touch up mini pouches.

Makeup by Joette

MUA: Joette Bradshaw
Email: beautybyjoette.b@gmail.com
Contact Number: 268-774-4329
Instagram: @beauty_byjoette

CARNIVAL SPECIAL: A glass of wine, mini facial, adequate skin prep with SPF, flawless skin base, eyeshadow, gems and glitter (optional), lipstick or lip gloss. Cost $150

The Beauty Lab by B Chic

MUA: Rahsania C. Joseph
Contact Number: 268-780-5447
Email: rahsaniajoseph@gmail.com
Instagram: @bchic268
Schedule Appointment with The Beauty Lab by B’Chic (as.me)

Facecases Makeup Artistry

MUA: Azalea Smith
Contact information: 268-721-7142
Social Media Handles:
Email: azaleasmith33@gmail.com
Instagram: @facecases_makeupartistry

Makeup by Charity

MUA: Charity Henry
Email: charityh97@gmail.com

Chica Bonita Makeup Artistry

MUA: Vonda Francis
Contact Number : 268-774-7020
Email: ChicaBonitamakeupartistry@gmail.com
Instagram: @Chicabonita268

CARNIVAL SPECIAL: Carnival Full Glam Beat with Mini Facial Includes Gems, Pearls or Glitter. Cost $100

Kiss & Makeup by Zee

MUA: Rahsania C. Joseph
Contact Number: 268-780-5447
Email: rahsaniajoseph@gmail.com
Instagram: @bchic268
Schedule Appointment with The Beauty Lab by B’Chic (as.me)


MUA: Nivar Edwards
Email Address: Beatsbyravin22@gmail.com
Phone Number: 268-736-8302
Instagram: @Beatsbyravin

Make up by Alisha

MUA: Alisha Grayman
Contact Number: 268-775-2328

Ché Antigua

MUA: Chelsian James
Email: info@cheantigua.com
Phone Number: (268) 780-0702
Instagram: @cheartistry

Ari-Pasha Pigott

MUA: Ari-Pasha Pigott
Email: dadon.haircompany@gmail.com
Contact Number: 268-788-4989
Instagram: @by_dadon

Flawless Beaute Factory

MUA: Jafrica Jacobs
Instagram: @flawlessbeautefactory
Email: info.flawlessbeautefactory@gmail.com
Contact Number: 268-773-3686
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CARNIVAL SPECIAL: A colourful makeup look including a limited selection of bold colours, sparkling glitter, pigments, shimmers or coloured/graphic eyeliner. This package also includes shimmering highlighter, flawless long-lasting skin, a selection of premium top lashes and body shimmer, and glossy or matte lip colours. Cost: XCD $160

Angelique D’Mua Makeup Suite

MUA: Angelique Nathan
Email: angeliquedmua@gmail.com
Contact Number: 770-5545
Instagram: @angelique_d_mua

Dolled by the Aquarian

MUA: Tiana Edwards
Email: dolledxtheaquarian@gmail.com
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Contact Number/WhatsApp: 268-774-8622

CARNIVAL OFFERS: The carnival doll $100 EC for each day. This package includes mini facial, full coverage makeup, contour and highlight, glitter, rhinestones, foil, you name it! Light refreshments will be on sale.

Timeless Beauty Makeup Artistry

MUA: Mrs. Sharon Jackie Roberts
Telephone: 268-720-1554
Email: timelessbeauty268@gmail.com

Pretty Beats

MUA: Briana James
Email: Brianajames215@gmail.com
Contact Number: 268-725-8171
Instagram: @PwettyBeats_11

Glow Beauty Bar

MUA: Yorie Taylor
Email: tayloryorie@gmail.com
Website: theglowbeautybar.com
Contact Number: 268-736-1766
Instagram: @glowbeautybar.anu
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CARNIVAL OFFERS: Full glam, lashes and gems included. A refresh kit for the road is included.

Makeup Central

MUA: Constea Codrington
Email Address: makeupcentral268@gmail.com
Contact Number: 268 720-5540
Instagram: @makeupcentral268
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MK Beauty Studio

MUA: Juneilia James
Contact Number: 268-775-7301
Instagram: @mkbeautystudio268

The Glam Lounge

MUA: Daveile
Email: theglamloungeantigua@gmail.com
Contact Number: (268) 771 4229 (All inquiries must be made via WhatsApp – no calls, no direct messages)
Instagram: @theglamloungeantigua


MUA: Aaliyah Taylor
Email: Fauxbaeartistry@gmail.com
Contact Number: 268-780-5260
Instagram: @glossedbyfauxbae
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