Wallings Nature Reserve

Protecting and Preserving history

Some of the most beautiful hikes through Antigua’s lush rainforest can be done in Wallings! Come discover what Antigua’s fauna and flora has to offer. Located in the southwestern part of Antigua, the Wallings Nature Reserve, known for its picturesque views, variation of trees as well as its rustic water tower, is well on its way to becoming one of the main attractions of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Wallings Nature Reserve with its lush surroundings makes for the perfect picnic setting. The Reserve also offers a thrilling hiking experience for the experienced and non-experienced hikers. With easy to follow trails, and well-informed guides, the Nature Reserve is also great for a family adventure or an educational field trip.

You can explore rugged trails that wind through the rainforest, where you will find a variety of trees such as the silk cotton, hog plum, sand box, the strangler fig tree and many more. Go slowly and gently to listen and watch the birds. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a black whiskered vireo, a West Indian euphonia or a collared pigeon. On the way back, explore the back of the reservoir where you will see interesting water diversion channels and sediment traps. You can also find a picnic area nearby to rest.

Wallings Nature Reserve
John Hughes
St Mary’s

Phone: 1-268-727-0218

Website: wallingsnaturereserve.org
Email: info@wallingsnaturereserve.org

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