Sea Escape

Sea Escape is your magical sea shuttle to the underwater world. Sea Escape provides glass bottom boat tours in Antigua and local areas.

Sea Escape is your magical sea shuttle to the underwater world , which provides glass bottom boat tours in Antigua. Come explore with us, experience the experience, hop on board, something more with Sea Escape… Memories you will always remember. Imagine the warm breeze, the golden sun glistening off your skin and listening to the rhythms of Soca as we cruise the turquoise waters and be mesmerized by the breath taking views of paradise.

This vessel has an exceptional large glass bottom of 6×9 feet for the ultimate underwater reef and marine life experience you will encounter!

It is also equipped with an automatic fish feeder to attract an abundance of marine life for an entertaining mealtime show.

For night tours the enhanced underwater illumination for great evening views to the underwater world.

This one of a kind futuristic design and unique hydrofoil system allows the vessel to literally fly on the waters surface. At high speed while maintaining the outmost in seaworthiness and stability ensuring guests safety and comfort.

Whether you want to snorkel with an abundance of beautiful coral reefs & shipwrecks, hike up to Fort Barrington to capture the absolutely breathtaking views or laze back on the white sandy beach, while the crew prepares a mouth watering island feast. We have an adventure you are sure to check off your bucket list!
… That is Sea Escape

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