Creole Cruises Antigua

Enjoy mouth-watering freshly grilled lobster served on a secluded island. Discover Antigua's magical underwater world while snorkeling. Our custom built 40 foot speedboat is ideal for your maximum enjoyment and comfort.

Imagine yourself gliding across clear turquoise waters, the Caribbean breeze gently cooling you, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Antigua. Once you arrive at the secluded Island, begin to visualize stepping from the boat onto a white sandy beach. Jump into the Caribbean Sea, immersing your whole body in the waters, flip onto your back and gaze up at the pure blue sky above or experience the sea life below during snorkeling. Soon the aroma of your lobster lunch on the grill begins to tantalize your taste buds and you remember the freshly prepared lobster on the grill. You emerge from the sea refreshed and hungry. Sitting in the shade, you begin to devour the tasty lobster and salads and quench your thirst with the cool tangy taste of rum punch or any other drink from the open bar. Hang on, wake up, are you dreaming? – You look around and realize you’re not…….

Your dream is real life with Creole Cruises Antigua. Read on to discover more about our wonderful Antigua boat trips and find the excursion that will make your stay memorable and help you to find your own piece of paradise in Antigua, West Indies.

We are looking forward to welcome you onboard Creole Cruises.

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