Antigua V.I.P Tours

We offer highly personalized luxury tours in a comfortable air-conditioned environment on the beautiful Island of Antigua.

While on tour, you’ll sample the famous Antigua Black Pineapple; said to be the sweetest pineapple in the world, enjoy a taste of Antigua’s Cavalier Rum &/or Rum Punch (one of our award-winning local rums) and taste local cuisine prepared by our nationals.

There are two options for our tours:

Cruise Ship Special:
• 3-4 hours tour
• entrance fees to all the National Parks
• a small complimentary on-board drinks bar.
• Visit the historical sites
• see how the famous Antigua Black Pineapple is grown and sample it (when available)
• a beach stop if you desire,
• experience how Antiguans really live from the eyes of an Antiguan.

All-inclusive tour:
• 5-6 hour tour
• includes entrance fees to all national parks (Nelson’s Dock Yard, Shirley’s Heights, Look Out, Dowe’s Hill Interpretation Center),
• a view of several of our beaches
• Lunch,
• A beach stop,
• a small complimentary on-board drinks bar
• a sample of the famous Antigua Black Pineapple (when available)
• Visits to historical sites (to include Devil’s Bridge, Betty’s Hope and others)
• a drive through the island’s rain forest,
• shopping if you like.

We also provide private tailored tours.

To ensure that we offer personalized service; our groups are no larger than 3 couples/6 persons.
However, larger groups are accepted only if persons are travelling together.

Contact us today to discover and enjoy some of Antigua’s offerings through the eyes of an Antiguan.