ST. JOHN’S, ANTIGUA (February 8, 2018) – Antigua and Barbuda will act as host country for the 2018 Gwadadli Festival, a rich cultural event showcasing eclectic music, dances and artistic presentations from the islands of Guadeloupe and Antigua.

The destination is all geared up to welcome visitors from Guadeloupe who are expected to travel to Antigua to revel in Antigua and Barbuda’s authentic experiences, during the event scheduled for April 13- April 15, 2018. Cultural groups from Guadeloupe will also appear on the festival stage, providing residents of Antigua and Barbuda with a series of diverse and exciting traditional performances.
The festival which is being held for the first time in Antigua will expose event attendees to the cultural diversity of both destinations, through artistic expressions in the form of music, visual arts and culinary arts. The event will also celebrate and strengthen the ties shared by the two countries.

Last weekend a delegation from the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission, The Cultural Development Division and the Art fraternity visited Guadeloupe to promote the Gwadadli Festival and as a means of cultural exchange.

Raynel Carroll, Marketing Representative from the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority said, “Our visit sought to bring awareness to the historical bond between both countries and to further create a working partnership for the success of the upcoming Festival.

“We anticipate the Gwadadli Festival will allow us to share our hospitality with the people of Guadeloupe, grow our tourism arrivals from the Caribbean, and further strengthen the relationship between the two islands through cultural expression.”

The Gwadadli Festival was founded in 2013 by President of the Gwadadli Festival Association Jean Barfleur who hosted the delegation during their weekend long stay. The Festival has been held twice in Guadeloupe, in 2014 and 2016. On both occasions it has been a huge success welcoming all artforms from Antigua and Barbuda to Guadeloupe.

The 2018 edition of the Gwadadli Festival is being organized by the Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Culture and National Festivals.

Carroll noted, “The cultural mesh has been phenomenal, and the hope is to continue the Festival for years to come.”

The weekend cultural exchange comprised of a variety of activities which included visiting “Look-out Point”, where Antigua is visible on a clear day, attending a drum parade known as “Night Mas” and exploring the centre of Port-Louis where the rich history between Antigua and Guadeloupe can be found.

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